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Freedom From Insulin

The number of individuals suffering from diabetes in India is around 77 million – A massive number that makes the country the global diabetes capital, falling just behind China! While there is a general scare among people about the permanence of this condition, Team HealthPlix has been honored to be associated with a veteran Diabetologist who is on a mission to provide freedom from insulin to his patients!

In this edition of Stories of Healthcare Heroes, we’re proud to introduce you to Dr. Deepak Dalal and his fantastic support team at his Mumbai-based clinic – Health Centred.

By the end of this story, you will have formed an entirely different perspective on Diabetes care and insulin reversal. 

The Beginning – Embracing a Father’s Dream

 A bright young boy in his 10th standard thought of becoming an engineer, owing to his growing years around the family’s business – A tin factory! While discussing his future, his father shared his dream with him. “I’d always aspired to become a doctor. Now that didn’t happen and we don’t have any doctors in the family. I wish you become one.”

This one dream became the foundation of this boy’s journey into the world of medicine and healthcare.

With fond reminiscence, Dr. Dalal says, “I did not fulfill my father’s dream. I made it my dream and turned it into a reality. And alongside my father, two people who helped me move ahead in my medical career trajectory were Dr. Bhandarkar (My mentor during my MD days) and Dr. Azgaonkar my guide during the later phase.

These medical stalwarts carved my way into diabetology and helped me become who I am today!”

 With an experience of over 42 years, what keeps Dr. Dalal motivated to keep working so hard?

 According to the veteran Doctor, there are two aspects of a medical professional’s journey as a doctor:

  1.   Delivering Healthcare
  2.   Running a business

Now, while the monetary gain is there, Dr. Dalal has always been inclined and driven by the healthcare aspect – watching his patients get well and enjoy a happy healthy life – and there cannot be a price tag given to that feeling of accomplishment. It’s the happiness of these people that keeps him motivated every single day to show up and give his 100%!

 An accident and how it powered a lifestyle revolution

Dr. Deepak Dalal is an ardent proponent of the Insulin Reversal Lifestyle Transformation. The events that led to his movement Freedom From Insulin make for a fascinating story.

Some years ago, Dr. Dalal had a near-fatal accident and in addition to other injuries, both his hands were fractured severely. During the recovery phase, a lot of people came along to help him get better. Their unconditional care had a strong impact on him and he willed himself to get better completely. There was a point where he could not lift even the slightest weight with his hands. But with the power of the lifestyle reversal process and yogic practices, today he can not only lift weights but also stand on his hands – This comeback had a massive influence on his life as a doctor.

“With these lifestyle experiments coupled with natural diet practices, I started believing that our medical science has a limited role to play and there’s something much larger and beyond our periphery of understanding. And it was totally possible to help my patients reverse their condition with a holistic lifestyle change.” says the doctor.

Dr. Deepak Dalal

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Dr. Dalal’s concept of Aram and Viraam: What gives us joy never really tires us. So, I’m never tired in my clinic. I’m never tired of teaching and sharing knowledge with people. I’m never tired of transforming lives towards better health. My clinic and my work are my sources of relaxation.

Speaking to a member of his team, Dr. Sushila Sharangdhar says, “Sir’s unbound energy keeps us in a positive spirit and it has a profound impact on all of us working with him at Health Centred. There’s a sense of fulfillment and it pushes us to do our best in caring for our patients – every single day!

How HealthPlix EMR fits into this Lifestyle Reversal Movement

EMR for Doctor

Dr. Dalal’s face lights up at the mention of HealthPlix, and he gives us the reason why.

“The pandemic had hit the country quite hard, and we were no different. Due to the lockdown, my team was scattered in different places, but the central point that kept us all connected was HealthPlix.

It gives me great pride to applaud my team and the HealthPlix team in standing by Health Centred even during the most difficult 2 years of the pandemic.

We could gather all the patient data via HealthPlix and it helped us in publishing Reversal from Insulin during Covid time. That is one of the most memorable events in my medical career. Without HealthPlix, our practice would have stalled during Covid. With HealthPlix our practice not only continued but flourished.”

Did you like the story? Dr. Dalal and his team are doing phenomenal work in Diabetes Care and Lifestyle Transformation, and HealthPlix feels proud to be an integral part of their care management process.

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