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Doctor, Are You Taking Care of Your Mental Health? World Mental Health Day 2021

We are living in challenging times. The Covid-19 pandemic led to the splurge in the cases of depression, anxiety, stress, anger issues, burnouts and more. Not only patients but also healthcare professionals were affected by the emotional upheaval.

According to research published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 30% of Indian doctors and physicians suffered from depression. Almost 80% of doctors, particularly those in their early academic and professional careers, were at risk of burnout.

During pandemic, doctors are not only having to deal with the stress of caring for patients and adhering to ever-changing medical protocols, but they also put themselves in a situation where they voluntarily isolate themselves from their families for months. Frontline healthcare professionals suffer from anxiety, despair, burnout, sleeplessness, and stress-related illnesses as a result of their irregular work schedules, the danger of infection, and little connection with family and loved ones. 

According to Dr. Amit Prakash Srivastava, a HealthPlix doctor since 2014, mental and emotional support are critical in times of the pandemic and should, therefore, be included in the treatment plan. Family members and caregivers should be prepared to support those in times of need. 

You continue to care for us through the pandemic, but today we want to remind you that your mental health is important too.

Here are some quick and easy tips to take care of your mental wellness while you continue to fight the pandemic from the front lines: 

  1. Pause and breathe

This can help you stay calm and clear and respond to situations more positively. When your mind wanders, practice compassion by not being harsh on yourself and gently return focus on your breath.

  1. Practice mindfulness on the go

There are several mindfulness techniques available, and physicians may incorporate them into their everyday life in different ways. At the end of your next shift, try de-stressing with a mindful cup of tea, observing its appearance, smell, taste, and sensation.

  1. Take a break from social media and news

Make it a habit to take frequent breaks from your computer and phone. When you come back online, instead of checking your social media feed, seek information from reputable sources.

  1. Stay connected with your loved ones

Calling a loved one in-between duty can help you stay motivated and calm throughout your day. Your child’s giggle, parents’ concerns or your husband or wife’s plans can all help you take a break from the long work hours and make you feel supported.

  1. Take time off 

We know being a doctor means you are always a call away from your patients and emergencies but it is important to allow yourself to take a break from work from time to time to refresh yourself. Taking out time to spend with family and friends is also vital for keeping balance.

On this Mental Health Day, HealthPlix wants to take this opportunity to remind every doctor that in their journey of saving lives and curing diseases, it’s very important to look out for their own mental wellness too. Medicine can be an emotionally demanding profession, but pausing, reflecting, connecting and reminding the worth of your profession may help you overcome the flurry of emotions that come along the way. 

We at Healthplix extend our support to those who work tirelessly to save our lives. We see you, we understand you, and we stand by your side through this.


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