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Delhi to Madhubani – A Doctor’s return to his roots with a special mission

This is a very special story of a Healthcare Hero, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Jha – a pediatrician who has taken upon himself the humongous task of championing safe childbirth, even in the remotest parts of his native land – Madhubani!

Dr. Rajiv Jha had always aspired to be a doctor and his journey in the field of medicine and healthcare started in 1999 at Calcutta Medical College. The Doctor then went to the renowned SSKM Hospital to complete his MD in Pediatrics. 

The next phase of his medical career took him to Delhi’s Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya, a state-of-the-art super-specialty pediatric hospital. After a successful stretch in India’s capital city, Dr. Jha’s next stop was at Raigarh in Chhattisgarh where he worked as an Assistant Professor. 

All was going as planned. But deep down he felt a tug to return to his roots and do something for his people! During the pandemic, this pull became ever stronger, and Dr. Jha finally took the leap of faith and came back to Madhubani. 

In the Doctor’s words, “My reason for coming back here is a pull that I feel towards my home, my place, and my people – I strongly believe that given the profession I am in, it is my duty to serve my community and its people. As I see it, there’s a lot to be done in the area of pediatric care in these areas; there is a dire need for specialist healthcare in these parts of the state and I am trying to do my part in however little way I can.”

This Childcare Guardian is on a mission to enable safe child delivery


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Practicing across India for over 20 years, Pediatrician Dr. Rajiv Kumar Jha has recently come back to his home turf inspired by a noble mission. He has been setting up free health camps in and around Madhubani to make people aware of the importance of skilled or institutional deliveries to reduce child mortality rates.  

Birth Asphyxia is one of the leading factors of child mortality – a condition after birth where the newborn is unable to breathe. When a baby is affected by this condition, they may have mental or physiological disorders as they grow up. While some children may have stunted intellectual and physical growth, in extreme cases the child may be completely bedridden with numerous physical deformities and disabilities. 

The moment of birth is called the golden minute of life and Dr. Jha’s goal is to ensure safe deliveries in such a way that every newborn gets the best care during this golden minute. 

While the government is trying to help people with various health schemes and encouraging specialist-assisted childbirth, there is a serious lack of awareness about skilled deliveries in these remote parts of the country. Pregnant women still resort to home deliveries, increasing the risk of birth asphyxia and other complications. People often don’t know when to wait for normal delivery and when to undergo a c-section, and the decision is left up to non-medical people in villages. With the help of these health these camps, Dr. Jha is trying to make people aware of the implications of unassisted unskilled deliveries and is encouraging them to seek medical assistance during childbirth. Additionally, he has been treating common health issues in these camps. 

His motto in his words, “I want to contribute towards building a happy, healthy, and mentally sound future generation who will help in taking our nation forward. As a doctor, I think that’s my duty towards my country!”

How does HealthPlix EMR fit into the bigger picture?

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According to Dr. Jha, “It’s interesting how the whole concept of digital healthcare started gaining traction once I started using it and introduced it to my peers here. A lot of people aren’t very comfortable with the transitions from traditional healthcare methods to a digital platform. But as they begin to understand its benefits and ease of use, they gradually embrace this transition.”

4 reasons why Dr. Rajiv Jha loves using HealthPlix EMR
  • First of all, the HealthPlix EMR is democratizing healthcare for all – which means that now my patients can gain access to my service, even when they are in far-off places. 
  • The second thing about this EMR is its support team – whenever I have a question or face any issue, I get immediate assistance from the HealthPlix helpline
  • The third and most critical aspect of this EMR is data preservation – I cannot expect my patients from villages to keep track of their previous health records, prescriptions, or reports. They do not understand the significance of past reports…but HealthPlix makes my job easier…all I have to do is type in their names and I get access to all their previous records in no time. This data (the clinical finding, past diagnoses, and health trends) is like a magic weapon for doctors to help patients get the right treatment. 
  • And lastly, it also helps my patients share their feedback with me which in turn helps me deliver better patient care to them. 

I am very happy with this digital EMR and have been using it consistently. I don’t think I can stop using it now!

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