HealthPlix raises $13.5M in Series B round led by Lightspeed Read
  • How easy is it to learn the software?

    HealthPlix EMR is extremely easy to use. If you can use WhatsApp, you can use HealthPlix EMR. No prior knowledge of computers/software is necessary.

  • What ongoing support will I get from HealthPlix?

    HealthPlix customer support is a phone call away and is available anytime you need it. In addition, you will have a dedicated sales associate for all queries.

  • Can I write prescriptions in regional language?

    Prescriptions can be written in English and converted to any regional language before printing /sharing.

  • If we have multiple clinics and want to separate billing and patient records, is it possible?

    Yes, such customizations are possible. HealthPlix’s customer care team will work with you to enable it.

  • Can I import my patient records from my existing software?

    Yes, data import is possible from any other solution.

  • How does HealthPlix ensure doctor and patient data is secure?

    HealthPlix uses the industry's best standard AES 256 bit encryption. Data is also de-identified. Patient and doctor information is completely safe and never shared with any third party.

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