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The pandemic is mostly behind us now, and we’ve demonstrated incredible resilience and character in facing any challenges thrown our way. During 2021 we remained focused on reaffirming our commitment to our ethos of “Doctor First.” Our team of Plixians has pushed the industry forward at a pace that I never thought possible, particularly in the areas of SaaS and health-tech.

We are on a mission to solve for the challenges experienced by doctors in India, and that demands a remarkable leadership team. Many startups with unique business models are taking on Goliaths in the industry, and our newly appointed leaders have empowered us to do the same. They are enabling and unlocking tremendous growth that we’ve never seen before. 

The new leadership team is well positioned to steer us towards the next phase of development of HealthPlix – 2.0 . I am grateful to our past leaders, Raghuraj Sunder Raju and Prasad Basavaraj, for their invaluable contributions in getting us this far. Their efforts have not only helped HealthPlix, but also played a role in getting doctors use technology.

As the saying goes, “tough times never last but tough people do,” companies that regularly analyze and create new resources and strategies are the ones that can weather difficult times. I am confident and pleased at the same time that the new leadership team will shake things up in the industry and make a significant impact.

Looking forward to an amazing 2022 journey and beyond…

Sandeep Gudibanda
CoFounder & CEO
HealthPlix Technologies

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